Aubrey Bramble, Intuitive Energy Practitioner and Crystal Therapist

Over the past two decades I have received extensive and ongoing training in the areas of Metaphysical Healing, Vibrational Gemstone Therapy, Astrology, Sound Healing, Meditation, Earth Magic, Italian Folk Medicine, Esoteric Studies and Psychic Development, including Energy Medicine mentorship with Astrid Pujari MD, Vipassana Meditation with Jude Rozhon, and Conscious Mediumship training with Betsy Bergstrom. I am currently a student of the Vedic traditions through guru and master teacher Sri Sakthi Amma of Southern India. I am deeply interested in vibrational medicine, specifically the healing properties of gems and minerals as well as the relationship that exists between Sound and the Divine.

I feel a profound connection to the crystals and stones of the Earth and have studied their wisdom and healing power extensively. Crystals are potent conduits of Divine energy that can strengthen, amplify, and more accurately focus healing energies around and in suport of our most soulful of intentions and desires for personal, spiritual, and emotional growth and development. In working with crystals we are able to remember the Earth and, as a result, ourselves. Personally, working with crystals through meditation and intentional body layouts has brought a deeper sense of peace to my daily life as well as a level of allyship and support that has proven invaluable in times of difficulty and stress.

As a professional singer and musician, I believe that Sound is a beautiful and tangible way for us to experience the more Divine aspects of our human bodies on the physical plane. Vibration created through singing, chanting, guided meditation, or the playing of musical instruments can bring about great and lasting transformation. Effects include peace, stillness, calm, elevated energy levels, greater self-confidence and joy, as well as a more embodied and centered relationship with our Higher Selves. There is nothing quite like the physical and energetic bliss that creating sonic vibrations through our human bodies can generate! Sound is profoundly healing.

It is my intention to share my experience, wisdom, and passion for vibrational healing with others through this ceremonial work. Thank you for visiting my page and I look forward to connecting with you soon!